Bring a piece of the Northwest into your home or office.

We couldn't find this table, so we made it.

My wife and I were shopping for a locally-built dining room table made from PNW lumber. Everything in our price range was made overseas with materials that did not speak to us. We ended up doubling our budget and commissioning a custom eight seat table made from Douglas Fir. We were able to source the Douglas Fir from Bruce, a one-man mill operation in Estacada, Oregon. He knew exactly where the wood came from—one of the many downed trees from the '96 flood that Clackamas County auctioned off. We ended up spending $2,800+ for our table—and we love it, just not the price we paid.

Custom table quality, but at an affordable price.

This was the hard part for dougfir. We couldn't make these tables one-by-one as orders were placed and price them affordably. We needed scale to get the price down which required a flat-packed furniture design. We found the perfect made in Germany steel hardware to enable our simple flat-pack design and a wood shop in Oregon that could handle our first production run of 20 tables.

We're just getting started and can't wait to serve our first customers. Email mac@dougfir.com or write us at 12826 NE Airport Way Portland, OR 97230 with any questions or ideas.